19 thoughts on “Yellow door poultry house with poultry equipment.

  1. clement

    Im one of those individuals with vested interest in going into the business, can I have the quotation of the housing structures and the quantity of chicks that can be captured within the yellow door….. but also id love to stay in contact with you so I can use most of ur expertise.

  2. BM

    I would like a quotation on your 15 by 6m poultry house and the price for the accessories needed for this size of house.
    Can you also indicate how many chickens can it take.
    Thank you.

  3. Patrick

    Requesting a quote for the fully equipped 15m by 6m poultry house and all the available support systems, hoping to hear from you soon.

  4. samuel laubscher

    good morning

    Can you please send me a quote for a chicken coop, 25m x 6m, fully equip.


  5. Maria Ndinelago Festus

    I am 38 years old woman who is very much interesting in pourtry farming but i need to be adviced on the foolloing:
    where can I buy small chicks
    how are they going to be transported
    where can I buy chicks equipments
    How can I get sufficient skills to farm them
    how can I succeed in this business
    How can I be assissted in terms of fund

  6. Maria Ndinelago Festus

    Iam a woman of 38 years, Namibian and I am really intresting in pourtry farming but I would like to be adviced on the following:
    1.Where can I get small chicks to start my business
    2. How are they going to be transported
    3.where can I get chicks feeding and drinking equipments
    4.How and where can I get necessary skills to farm my chicks
    5. all relevants info to lead me to the succsess

  7. Tiaan Cronje

    Good day

    Can you please send me a quotation on a 80 by 20 meters chicken coop fully equip
    and the regulations on farming on that scale.

    I am looking in the region of 80 000 chickens to be farmed .

    your responce wil be appreciated

    kind regards


  8. Willie Strauss

    Will you please forward me a pricelist of fully equipt and erected chicken houses of different sizes. I’ staying in Bloemfontein on a small farm.

  9. Phaphama Molefe

    Good Day

    I am looking for the price range for the housing, I want to compare and see the difference in the price if I were to buy one for 10000 chicken as compared to one that can take 3000.

    Your responce will be greatly appreciated.




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