How much does a chicken house cost?

How much does a chicken house cost?

Depending on the size of the chicken house, and the type of chicken house the price can range from R20 000 to R200 000. A layer house is more expensive because of the layer cages and you can fit less chickens in a layer house. The broiler house cost is also determined by what kind of poultry equipment will be installed. Extras like fans and poultry heaters will add to the price.

Price of a chicken house

This house cost him more because the ground was not level!

When looking at prices of chicken houses there are certain things you need to take into account – and if you do not ask the installer or the manufacturer he is unlikely to advise you. Look at the picture – see how the poultry house is raised in the air on the left hand side – his ground was uneven – the farmer ended up paying for extra steel and 2 days extra labour – he told us the ground was even. He had a one meter drop from one end of the structure to the other over a distance of 30 meters. Not only was the ground uneven but who-ever laid his slab made a real mess – it was 5m wide on one side and 6m wide at the other end. To add to his woes we charged him R200 per day to run the generator – he had no electricity and we also had to truck in water to live on and to test the watering system. (the closest petrol station was 30km’s away). This was all after we were assured that the site had electricity, running water and that the ground was level. The accomadation was adequate if not a bit dirty – the old farmhouse was at least water proof. So – do your homework – make sure you meet the requirements – or be prepared to pay extra.

Questions you should be asking?

  • What steel thickness is the roof sheeting?
  • What is the dimensions of the angle iron?
  • Do you level the ground – or is it to my cost?
  • Do you lay the slab and what thickness is the concrete slab or topping?
  • How thick is the curtaining material and is it UV protected?
  • Do you have spares for the poultry equipment?
  • Do you need electricity on site to erect the structure?
  • Do you need water to test the drinking system?
  • Does your installation team need accommodation?
  • Do you offer training on the equipment?

All of these questions need to be answered – and some of them can impact on ythe cost of the poultry unit – cheap chicken houses may seem like a great option to begin with – but if for instance your ground is not level – and you have not asked the house builder to level it can add substantially to the price – or you could end up with a house that is on a big slope – which looks terrible. It also means your broilers will all end up with one leg linger than the other (s). The other mistake in regards to the cement slab can also eat into your budget – ask how thick it will be – ask if it is reinforced, ask if it is a strong mix? Many suppliers off what they call a “topping”this is just another name for a badly made, thin covering of cement – it will not last. After the first cycle when you scrub the concrete it will start to disintegrate – so be aware!

Sizes range from houses that can hold 270 chickens up to 2700 chickens. Sizes range from a 3 meter by 6 meter right up to a large layer house measuring 30 meters by 7 meters. Small farmers will do themselves a favor by shopping around and comparing not only price, but quality and equipment. Some of the suppliers will not be willing to put up a structure if it is in a very rural area – and in fact some are unable to because they do not travel with generators etc. Many chicken houses sold on the market are not built by poultry companies but by steel shed manufacturers – you will want the experts to build you a chicken house – they will supply exactly the right chicken equipment, and the poultry house will be custom built for poultry – not a garden shed or tool shed. Prices of chicken houses change with the price of steel they change depending on the site location, the price changes if you do not have running water or electricity – they change if you cannot offer the team a place to stay while building the chicken house. None of this will be disclosed in the initial quote – so you need to ask the questions – of course if the chicken house company is above board they will ask these questions of you – and not try to just close the deal.

34 thoughts on “How much does a chicken house cost?

  1. stephen

    Hi i want to know how big the chicken house will have to be to hold 2500 chickens broiler chickens and would also like to know how much does one of the broilers have to eat to get to full wait

    1. Henk Oosthuizen

      Hi Stephen,
      I saw your add. We are also busy with the same exercise. The prices that we have gathered so far is.

      To accommodate 2500 chickens you must have at least 168 sq m. Just the building without any internals It will cost you more or less R1000 sq m. Thus the house will cost you R168 000. No electricity or heat or fans.
      The day old chick will cost from R5.9 to R7.2
      The food will cost you a further R20 uptill 42 days.

      Just the food and cost price of a vaccinated chicken with no over head cost R27.

      I will appreciate if you can assist me to if you could come up with better prices?
      We found this environment very inclusive and people don not want to share any information.

      Hope to hear from you!!

      Henk Oosthuizen 0827885057

      So a chicken that weight +- 2.1 kg will cost you

  2. Diaz

    I would like to start a chicken farming for meat and eggs in Namibia. Will please assist to advice on all the equipments that i need and the structures i should put up to run the chicken farm. If you can advice me also on someone that can help me with the business plan. Thanks

  3. joel

    good day

    i really want to start chicken farming and my budget is 50 000 and what is the best way of selling the chicken to the big companies or to the public

  4. Ntombi Mtshali

    I lost my job in 2008, I’ve been working for a church & no payment. I then realized that to cry on & on, will not solve my problems. I have kids to take care of.
    I then remembered that I have a land & a huge place that my parents left for me. Let me start the poultry farming instead of stressing myself.
    Now I need some guidance/mentoring/training.
    I will appreciate your assistance. I live in Empangeni & my land is in Mtubatuba. It’ll be wise for me to use what I have rather than to sit down & hoping that one day things will change.
    Help me to stand back on my feet.
    Ntombi Mtshali

  5. simangaliso

    , i am a young man with passion to start a chicken farm, i would like to know which companies that do the housing and supply the feeds, i dnt have suppliers of the birds . please assistNeed to knw all the equipment and the prizes to start a chicken farm we are a co op in Ulundi kzn.
    I m interested in poultry,I want to ask how can I start my own business?my. Comment is based on the material cost ,which can hold 5000 to 10 000 chicken and where can I buy stock (address)n how to find house n other equipment.

  6. jan makhubela

    I m interested in poultry,I want to ask how can I start my own business?my. Comment is based on the material cost ,which can hold 500 to 1500 chicken and where can I buy stock (address)n how to find house n other equipment.


    Kindly refer a person in the eastern cape who is interested in chicken farming to a local supplier of laying chickens and a builder or installer of fully equipped chicken house.

  8. itumeleng


    i registard a company my interest is in poultry,im only waiting to have a piece of land i want all equiment info and where to get all that for starter we can start by 1000 chickens can i please have a quatation if possible


  9. buti tshabangu

    Iwant a quotation for the broiler house 15x6m with 5 compartments. I am in Mpumalanga Province at Daggakraal,

  10. Tinyiko Gabriel Shuma

    Am an agric advisor in Mpumalanga. Am compiling business plans for farmers. I request quotation of the following houses: 1. a layers house of 5000 capacity with curtains and without heater and fans (Length= 31.95 and width= 14.70);
    2. broiler house of 5000 capacity.
    3. broiler house of 3000 capacity.

    I would appreciate if you can email to the quotation urgently because the farmers want to apply to Land Bank.

    1. Poultry Farmer Post author

      Do you want brick structures or steel structures? Do you want layer cages in the house? Why are you not including fans? – this is vital in the success of the poultry farmer? South africa is a very hot place!I have put up many houses for farmers who have got funding from government, and items are always excluded – without being rude – it is crazy not to give the farmer the correct tools to farm correctly. Often the farmer will get a sponsored broiler hpuse and fans, heaters and brooding curtain are not included – and in most cases not even a concrete floor – these poor people are not going to be succesful.

  11. Marcus

    hi i need to know all about openning a chicken farm in the North West Province.n/b cost of house, equipment and who to go to for assistance…

    1. Vincent

      Good day Marcus did you get any feed back to your question asked about the chicken Farming?

      Please would you let me know.


  12. Themba Molefe

    I am leasing a farm. I want to start a chicken farm for meat production. How much will it cost me to build four (100m X 25m X 4m) chicken houses to house 42,000 chicken each?

  13. ahmed akoob

    I am an entrepreneur looking to employ staff well versed in chicken farming -from broiler to abattoir.
    I would initially employ a manager to set up the entire project from scratch.
    Is there anyone available,with the intellect and experience to set up such an operation.?

  14. Tiltman Major

    hi, i am a young man with passion to start a chicken farm, i would like to know which companies that do the housing and supply the feeds, i have the suppliers of the birds already. please assist

  15. KARABO

    good day me and my parents want to start a farm house, we dont have much capital but we are raising funds so we can get our selfs of the ground…..we are in the rural area but we have the important basics (water and lights)…..please i need advise on where to start and how much would be the cost of all the equipment….and if there are any places we could get added ADVICE..

  16. Richard Skippers

    I need information on chicken farms for sale as well as a list of all equipment, buildings etc. and the price.

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